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Challenge 7: What’s Your ‘Day One’ Anthem?


Protoje - Like Royalty ft. Popcaan by Rianna B.

Protoje - Like Royalty ft. Popcaan
This song gives me inspiration!

Bundles by Amya G.

The song gets me hype I guess. No one can knock me down if I’m building myself up in my head.

Time Alone With You by Jeremiah M.

Time Alone With You
I enjoy the rhythms and layers that the song has. Every time you listen to it you can hear something new that you didn’t hear the previous time.

Jealous by Jeremiah M.

This song reminds me how the past year has been. Sometimes I see people become jealous and bitter because of everything that the pandemic has taken from them. whether it was a loved one or opportunities. I was bitter about losing my Senior year. Having to decide between learning from my bedroom or wandering the empty halls of the school with only 200 students.

Candyman by Jeremiah M.

This song just has fun vibes to it

Come Down by Jeremiah M.

Come Down
I like the funky beat that this song has.

Beso by Oreo4630 F.


Micheal Buble- Sway by Milagro C.

Micheal Buble- Sway
I listen to do this song when I’m happy and in the dancing mood.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright by Allyson G.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright
To me, this is just such a positive song. It always lifts my spirits and makes me feel like anything is possible.

I Wish You'd Stay by Allyson G.

I Wish You'd Stay
I think this is how my mom feels. Even though, she wants me to go to college and move away, she always talks about how much she's going to miss me.

CHICKEN TENDIES by Clinton Kane by taylor h.

this song is simply amazing

Dun Dun by Everglow by Onaphra G.

Dun Dun by Everglow
Everglow is a kpop girl group and this song is about achieving greatness despite all the hate. I really like it and it’s very out of my regular as i’m more of a boygroup stan than a girl group.

Lover - Taylor Swift by Lexi D.

Lover - Taylor Swift
Off of the Lover album - definitely the number one best song

Heartbreak anniversary by Oreoluwa F.

Heartbreak anniversary

Carry on wayward son by Oreoluwa F.

Carry on wayward son
From supernatural show I love this show.

I’ll always remember you by Oreoluwa F.

I’ll always remember you
By Hannah Montana I remember watching the show and this song makes happy cry when she decided to tell the whole world that Miley was Hannah

Into your arms by Oreoluwa F.

Into your arms

Told you so by Oreoluwa F.

Told you so

Phases by Oreoluwa F.


I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died by Delaney W.

I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died
So relaxing and calming!

Best Day of My Life by Sierra R.

Best Day of My Life
The first day will a scary journey, but will also be the best day of my life.

Even if it breaks your heart by Ryan K.

Even if it breaks your heart
One of my favorite songs

Electric Love by Donna B.

Electric Love

Arcade by Duncan Laurence by Caitlin S.

Arcade by Duncan Laurence
This song is my current obsession, and it’s my go to song every time I turn on music. The rhythm and beat of this song empowers me and makes me feel strong!

Yes & No by Madison W.

Yes & No
A new favorite of mine at the moment

Sand in My Boots by Morgan Wallen by Taylor T.

Sand in My Boots by Morgan Wallen
This song makes me calm and it reminds me of one of my favorite vacation spots which is Tennessee. This song reminds me of Tennessee because in the song it talks about the Tennessee views and all of the attractions.

Not Today by Michaella D.

Not Today
“Not Today” is made by BTS and it makes me feel happy and powerful because it is like a song to keep on fighting and push through the hardships

Inferno by Logan S.

It's a song I really like that was the first opening theme song for "Fire Force."

"Girlfriend" - B2K by Tavia H.

"Girlfriend" - B2K
This is one of my favorite songs! It was hard to choose, but this one always makes me want to bust a move!

Songs that inspire me pt. 2 by Hannah Z.

Songs that inspire me pt. 2
Gregory Alan Isakov is an artist I have grown to adore. All his work is so poetic and the sound of each song immensely soothing. The album This Empty Northern Hemisphere is my favorite, each song flowing from one to the next with careful consideration.

Songs that inspire me by Hannah Z.

Songs that inspire me
Ed Sheeran is an artist that has always inspired me. Though I love nearly every one of his songs, this more recent release has a certain gentleness that soothes me.

Little League by Miranda J.

Little League
By Conan Gray

Scrawny by Miranda J.

By Wallows

Olivia’s Favorites :) by Olivia B.

Olivia’s Favorites :)
These songs make me feel really happy and calm and just put me in a satisfied mood

Blondie- Current Joys by Livy S.

Blondie- Current Joys
beachy music like this always makes me happy and calm, and gets me looking forward to new adventures

No One by Aaliyah B.

No One
By Alicia Keys. A very loving and uplifting song :) make some think of some of my favorite fictional character and even myself.

Superheroes by The Script by Morgan S.

Superheroes by The Script
Superheroes is about people who struggle and fight to succeed and are superheroes because through adversity they turn their pain into power.

Humoresque by Kimberly G.

A lulling yet challenging solo piece, Kim Dami's effortless performance never fails to amaze me. This is one of the recordings that prompt me to improve my violin playing.

Der Erlkonig by Kimberly G.

Der Erlkonig
Arguably one of the hardest classical pieces ever written, this piece gets me pumped up before any event - an exam, a tennis match or even just to get through a rough day at school.

Isn't She Lovely by Kimberly G.

Isn't She Lovely
This short yet sweet song reminds me to be grateful for the people around me.

Just a Crush by Kimberly G.

Just a Crush
We all had one or two crushes, didn't we?

Lost in Japan by Kimberly G.

Lost in Japan
One of my favorite pop songs to listen to at night. It helps me chill after a long day!

The beach- the neighborhood by Skylie F.

The beach- the neighborhood
My favorite song at the moment.

Day One Anthem by Manas K.

Day One Anthem
Hold your heads up high and remember you are not alone. Never surrender!!

Gone Gone/ Thank you by Hailey F.

Gone Gone/ Thank you
One of my favorite singers!

promiscuous by Hailey F.

Great throwback song!

Die for you by Hailey F.

Die for you
Has a good beat!

Pursuit Of Happiness by Hailey F.

Pursuit Of Happiness
One of my favorite songs!

Tortoise and The Hare by Straykids by Marshelly B.

Tortoise and The Hare by Straykids
This song is always the first song I play every time I get into my car. It gets me hyped for what I’ll be doing for the day. Basically it sets good vibes for me.

Map of the Soul 7 by Jasmin G.

Map of the Soul 7
Map of the Soul: 7 is an album by BTS, the korean boyband, and has been described as a pop, R&B, and hip-hop album that incorporates rock, trap and EDM influences in its beats and production. It explores a broad range of other musical styles and genres including emo rap, rap-rock, pop-rock, Latin pop, pop-rap, electropop, disco-funk, synth-pop and Afro pop. This album holds a special place in my heart and is on repeat in my playlist.

Keep Your Head Up (Andy Grammer) by Kayla S.

Keep Your Head Up (Andy Grammer)
This song helps me keep my head up high whenever I feel down and keeps me going.

All Night (The Vamps, Matoma) by Kayla S.

All Night (The Vamps, Matoma)
Favorite song currently on my playlist!! Love listening to it with friends!

Someday by Max Schneider by Onaphra G.

Someday by Max Schneider
This song is from the movie Rags.I listen to it almost everyday as it motivates me to push on and motivates me to achieve the most with my capabilities. It gives me strength to continue following my dreams no matter what!

Clarity by Zedd by Bri M.

Clarity by Zedd
never gets old

Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi by Bri M.

Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi

Knock Knock by Mac Miller by Bri M.

Knock Knock by Mac Miller

The Spins by Mac Miller by Bri M.

The Spins by Mac Miller

Red Roses by Lil Skies by Bri M.

Red Roses by Lil Skies
I’ve never gotten tired of this song & I’ve listened to it probably a million times.

Daddy Issues by Bassma A.

Daddy Issues
I love this song it is always on repeat on my phone. It just takes me to my happy place.

2025 YCP playlist by Mya C.

2025 YCP playlist
These are the songs I can’t stop singing!

. by Jeffrey P.

5 songs for the playlist

Alaina's Day One Anthem: Follow by Richie Havens by Alaina C.

Alaina's Day One Anthem: Follow by Richie Havens
This song makes me feel calm but not contained. It makes me feel infinite. Havens' style of acoustic guitar makes me feel comfortable within myself, and his lyrics inspire me to stand tall, smile, and live. This will be on my first day playlist for those exact reasons!
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