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Challenge 1: Where’s Screamer?


Screamer is on vacation by Rianna B.

Screamer is on vacation
Screamer is in Jamaica touring Appleton Estate.

Throwing with Screamer by Harris R.

Throwing with Screamer
Screamer is watching me throw javelin at sectionals.

Cunningham Falls by Heather L.

Cunningham Falls
Screamer surprised us! We were just about to reach the falls in Catoctin Mountain, MD. When screamer jumped out and said hi to my kids.

Screamer in Italy by Allyson G.

Screamer in Italy
Screamer is touring the Vatican City near Rome, Italy.

moving forward by Taylor H.

moving forward
Screamer is leading the way to our future at YCP

say click, take a pic by Taylor H.

say click, take a pic
taking a picture with the most excited incoming freshmen!

jumping for joy by taylor h.

jumping for joy
Screamer is celebrating our acceptance into the best school!

in da streetz by taylor h.

in da streetz
Screamer is photobombing out street pictures

in da streetz by taylor h.

in da streetz
Screamer is photobombing our street pictures

Cool Breeze by Brianna E.

Cool Breeze
Screamer is enjoying the refreshing and relaxing sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks!

Sky High by Brianna E.

Sky High
Screamer decided to be spontaneous today and go sky diving! Go Screamer!!

Schools in by Brianna E.

Schools in
After all his fun and games, it is time for Screamer’s class. He is enjoying the nice weather on his walk to class.

Park Park Park by Brianna E.

Park Park Park
After class, Screamer decided to walk through the park to go home.

Chilling with the Flamingos by Aaliyah B.

Chilling with the Flamingos
Screamer is having a fun ride on some flamingos!!

Screamer playing Softball by Morgan S.

Screamer playing Softball
Screamer went to the fields to play some softball!!

Rompecadenas by Vandelyn B.

My Screamer is up to breaking chains, tearing down strongholds, building faith in believing in self, encouraging others, looking into big plans for the future and becoming one with everyone no matter a persons race. We are in this together🥰😎

Basically.... by Kirsten B.

Screamer is just sitting back watching the drama unfold

Newest Avenger: Screamer by Kirsten B.

Newest Avenger: Screamer
Screamer goes to help the avengers in battle- he´s got to keep his students safe!

Dating at YCP by Kirsten B.

Dating at YCP
Gotta watch out for those York boys...

Screamer at Luke´s by Kirsten B.

Screamer at Luke´s
Screamer stopped in to grab a cup of coffee at his favorite local diner. He watched Taylor and Luke argue about the new window Taylor installed.

Hanging with FRIENDS by Kirsten B.

Hanging with FRIENDS
Screamer is waiting in the cafe for Phoebe´s next performance of her song ¨Smelly Cat¨- his favorite song!

Screamer Playing Softball by Brianna M.

Screamer Playing Softball
Playing ball!

Screamer in Greece by Brianna M.

Screamer in Greece
Screamer vacationing in Greece

Screamer with OBX Cast by Brianna M.

Screamer with OBX Cast
Chilling with JJ, John B, Kiara, & Pope

Screamer at the Flyers Stadium by Brianna M.

Screamer at the Flyers Stadium
Cheering on the Flyers!

Screamer at the Beach by Brianna M.

Screamer at the Beach

Bonjour! by Mikiya C.

Screamer has decided to travel abroad, and visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Find Screamer by Bhagawat D.

Find Screamer
At a Game.

Gonna Fly Now! by Abigail B.

Gonna Fly Now!
Screamer is feeling like a champion in Philly!

Where’s Screamer? by Julia C.

Where’s Screamer?
Cheering on the Eagles on Green Day.

Here to help by Kaylee A.

Here to help
Screamer is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Happy Halloween! by Kaylee A.

Happy Halloween!
Screaming Screamer!

Screamer's new job. by Kaylee A.

Screamer's new job.
Screamer is starting his new job at Wellspan Hospital.

Masked Screamer by Kaylee A.

Masked Screamer
Screamer is showing off his new mask.

Screamer’s Got a New Ride by Katie d.

Screamer’s Got a New Ride
Screamer got a new ride to go cruising on the water. He’s got a thirst for sun and the warm sea air.

Go Spartans! by Kaylee A.

Go Spartans!
Screamer is cheering everyone on!!

Pennsylvania Mascots United! by Aneme I.

Pennsylvania Mascots United!
Screamer is clearly with other mascots from different Pennsylvania colleges and universities walking down in the beautiful streets of California. Just because haha. Beautiful palm trees but sweet smell of Pennsylvania victory!

Bonjour by Mackenzie Q.

Screamer is visiting the sites in Paris. He loves the Eiffel Tower!

Is this a mascot? by Kennedy J.

Is this a mascot?
I think it just might be

Where’s Screamer!? by Madison C.

Where’s Screamer!?
See if you can find screamer! And Waldo!

Screamer takes a hike by Sophia B.

Screamer takes a hike
Screamer decided to go for a hike at Chickies Rock in his new shoes. He is making sure to stay hydrated with his York College water bottle.
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