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Challenge 8: #YCPets


Leo by Olivia B.


Cuddle Buddies by Jenna H.

Cuddle Buddies
These two love to cuddle ❤ the cat is my baby and I've had him for 15 years, and the dog is my tripod who is about 10 years

Pretty Pittie by Jenna H.

Pretty Pittie
This is my rescue pitbull who we saved a day before she was supposed to be put down. Pitbulls are such sweet dogs that have a bad reputation.

Fluffy by Jenna H.

This was recently after he got groomed, but he normally has the longest & fluffiest hair on a cat!

Fluffy by Jenna H.

This was recently after he got groomed, but he normally has the longest & fluffiest hair on a cat!

Honey 🐶 by Brianna M.

Honey 🐶

Honey 🐶 by Brianna M.

Honey 🐶

Honey 🐶 by Brianna M.

Honey 🐶

Honey 🐶 by Brianna M.

Honey 🐶

Stormii by Amya G.

That’s a terrible picture of myself. Butttt I thought I lost Stormii this day. I had him outside in the pool and I didn’t remember putting him in his cage before I left out the house. I was screaming and crying to find him sleep on the counter behind the coffee maker.

2-Happy Girls! - Bella and I at Graduation last week by Maya B.

2-Happy Girls! - Bella and I at Graduation last week
My dog was happy to see me graduate last week!

Mittens by Kirsten N.

This is one of my cats, his name is Mittens. He loves his water and attention and will complain until he sees his water in his bowl. Mittens is attached to my bed or his box of paper. In this picture he is on paint rollers because he loves things that are soft or squishy.

Emma by Michelle R.

This is my very first cat Emma! I've had her since around 2014 and she was found as a kitten wandering in my garden. I used to dislike cats but she's the reason why I love them now :)

Cat's got sass by Michelle R.

Cat's got sass
When I first got Oliver, he was underweight as a kitten. He weighed about 500g and had to be fed enough for vaccines and such. He's popular with my other cats even though he doesn't like them :)

Athena by Kendall B.

My name is Kendall and this is my furry best friend Athena. I’ve had her for 4 years and adopted her when she was around 5. She was gotten from the humane society and only cost about 20 dollars! Ever since then, I can’t imagine life without her. Even though I know one day I will have to. She’s the cutest and most sassy cat, I love her so much :)

Whippet Superstar by Devin F.

Whippet Superstar
I lost all eyes on our family Christmas Card...

Willow and Her Puppies by Claudia P.

Willow and Her Puppies
This is my Bernese Mountain Dog, Oaklyn. Oaklyn loves to meet other dogs and make LOTS of friends. If Oaklyn was allowed to, she would spend every second of everyday playing outside. Her favorite thing to do is pull me on my skateboard while going on walks.

Singer and Lexi by lauren t.

Singer and Lexi
My puppies are the best because they always make my day better!!!

My Dog by Hailey J.

My Dog
This is my dog, Hemi. She is the biggest baby ever. She loves to cuddle, go on car rides, and be at the beach.

Shining by Elizabeth T.

It was a lazy morning during the summer of 2018. I sat down on the couch as my new independent and young cat marched his way around the living room. He had jumped up to the couch, as he does whenever I’m there, when the window had caught his eye. He peaked behind the lace curtain and walked carefully across the ledge as though he was on a tightrope. He was fascinated with the outside. It was beautiful lighting and I, a lover of photography, knew I had to capture such a moment.

Kaley :) by Lexi D.

Kaley :)
This is my cat Kaley! She is very shy around everyone and I’m the only one who she’ll cuddle with. She is very sassy around me and loves to chase down bugs and she squeaks instead of meows. I love her and will miss her very much when I’m at YCP!!

cats! by Jade M.

danny and callie <3

My doggy by Candace S.

My doggy
This is my dog King. He’s a pitbull. He can be very but also very protective. But he’s the cutest when he’s tired.

This is tucker! by Caitlin S.

This is tucker!
This is my dog, and he is 13 years old so he’s been in my family for a long time. He’s such a cute boy even though he doesn’t have the best temperament at time. I love walking him every day, and he’s a great companion.

Dixie by Josh T.

This is my dog Dixie.

Porkie by Josh T.

This is my cat Porkie.

Skippy Jon Jones by Josh T.

Skippy Jon Jones
This is my cat Skippy.

Darth Vadar by Josh T.

Darth Vadar
This is my cat Vadar.

Graycee! by Brianna E.

I love how my dog is always so playful and silly! She is my Bestfriend!

Hagrid by Natassia I.

He loves everybody

Pretty in Pink by Kaitlin D.

Pretty in Pink
C.J. the cat sitting in her favorite window. Momma always rotates flowers and plants and keeps the window's birdfeeder full. C.J. chirps and clicks at the birds, and she always sniffs after new plants when they're added to her favorite spot. She follows Momma from room to room for cuddles and she is going to make a great study buddy!

My dog by Skylie F.

My dog
This is my dog Cooper and he’s a huge puppy

Raven by Allyson G.

This is my pet dog, Raven. My family adopted her from the ASPCA in 2011.

My baby by Taylor R.

My baby
This is Angus, he is my ferret and he is just one of the many pets that I have. I also have Delsey (my horse), hooch (my dog), and my cats (Alice, Memphis, Nim, and Wittle). I am going to miss them while I'm away but I know that they are in good hands and I will be able to come home and see them every once and a while.

Marley Jean by Morgan M.

Marley Jean
This is my dog Marley Jean! He is two years old. He is a beagle and an English bulldog mix. He loves to go on hikes with me and fetch his ball.

Rowan by Payton M.

My best furry friend Rowan!

My dog cocoa by Abigail W.

My dog cocoa
This is my dog Cocoa, he is a Shih-Poo which is a Shih-tzu mixed with a poodle, he is chocolate brown and 10 years old. He loves going on walks in the woods and he loves cantaloupe.

Barbie by Milagro C.

This is my little baby Barbie. I love her so much. I don’t know what I will do without her. She makes me happy whenever I’m down. And she likes biting my hair which really hurts, but it makes her happy so.

Mr. Cute but Grumpy by Milagro C.

Mr. Cute but Grumpy
I love this little guy so much but I think he hates me. We have our days you know. One minute he wants to play with you, the next he wants to grow. His favorite game is hide and seek.

Daisy by Sydney D.

My dog is the only dog I have every met to dig holes, chase her tail, and scoot her butt along the floor. She is crazy and energetic but super sweet and super cute. Even though she has chewed up money, furniture, and other papers, we still love her.

Iorek by Valeria S.

This is my dog Iorek, he’s my best friend and I’m definitely going to miss him and I know he’ll miss me too...I hope

Bathing Miko by Ezekiel C.

Bathing Miko
Our cute Jack Russel Terrier puppy was bathed recently by my mother and me. So cute!

Tommy by Gina B.

This is my pit bull! Though he may not look it, he is still a puppy. That doesn’t mean he’s not already (very) strong. Sometimes when he tries playing with us or he greets us, he doesn’t realize how rough he is. But that’s ok, he’s loving enough that I give Tommy full permission to tackle me to the ground and cover me with kisses!

My Dog Luna by Nathan S.

My Dog Luna
Luna is ready for me to be a York College Spartan!!!

Best Bud by Michelle R.

Best Bud
Being away from this mischievous guy is definitely going to be tough. One of my favourite memories is watching the view with him and chilling on the couch.

Love My Pup!! by Katelyn H.

Love My Pup!!
I will miss this big girl when I am at school, but luckily I am not too far away!
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