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Challenge 6: #YCPets


Who’s having more fun by Taylor H.

Who’s having more fun
My dog’s, Nala (the little one on my back) and Nitro, love when I get in the floor and play with them. I think they think I’m actually a dog.

Sleepy Blonde by Kylee P.

Sleepy Blonde
Kylo is a 5 year old buff tabby cat that was found outside as a week old kitten. Now he enjoys making sure he stays on or around me at all times, even when asleep!

My pet by Alyssa M.

My pet
Here’s my bunny, his names marshmallow. I love him because he’s the sweetest, most relaxed pet ever and he loves to cuddle on your lap!

Man best friend by Samson H.

Man best friend
I call a dog man best friend because they quick to get ajusted to the smile of a human being, dog can be teach to certain behavior and get used to it and obey, dog act just like human some time.and they can be sent and they can also learn to remember.

My monkey by samson H.

My monkey
This monkey have received massage form his friends and very attentive to hear where their noise coming from.monkey is my favorite pet because they I sensitive and can manage their food, they love one anther, their sound like a common sound make by a human mouth and they love to play with human and they also love human body when they get used to that person.

My 3 Cats! by Mason C.

My 3 Cats!
Left to right are my cats Jade, Irish, and Augie. Augie is around 10 years old, Irish is around 8 years old and Jade is around 1.5 years old. Irish is currently on a weight loss journey that we started in November. Since then, he has lost almost 4 pounds. I love his goofy personality and how patient he is with Jade. Jade was a foster fail last summer after being rescued from a drain in Puerto Rico during a storm. This little firecracker came into my life while I was struggling through a difficult time, and I'm so grateful for her despite her craziness. She's now my best friend and always makes me smile.

Cleopatra A. Snell by Donovan S.

Cleopatra A. Snell
Instead of a furry friend, I have one that is scaley! This is my best friend Cleopatra (or just Cleo for short) the ball python. She really is my everything, I love her so much! She has a very strong personality and really craves attention. At night, she's always moving around. Though a lot of people might be scared of snakes, I find them to be very quiet and relaxing but still full of love! I can't imagine life without her.

Hedgie by Ava B.

I have a bit of an unconventional pet: Hedgie the Hedgehog. He is a sweet but shy little guy who loves treats and running on his wheel. Hedgie is super pampered and has a palace of an enclosure. He likes 'boops' on the nose but will spike up if he doesn't want to play anymore. He is nocturnal, so I try to visit with him in the afternoon/evening time as to not interrupt his beauty sleep. Hedgie is a cool hedgehog, and I am so glad that I can share him with the rest of my Spartan class of 2026 community!

Challenge 6: Not so furry friends by Dyalexis R.

Challenge 6: Not so furry friends
This is my bearded dragon Nuri. Her name drives from Hebrew meaning my fire. She is full of energy and loves to scurry but is very calm when she's on a drive and looking out the window.

My Dog Who Thinks He’s Small by Riley B.

My Dog Who Thinks He’s Small
My dog is bigger than me, and out recliner only fits one person. I don’t think he understands that.

Smokey by Gabriella O.

My dog Smokey is my best friend. He loves toys, treats, laying in bed!

Pets by Julianna L.

I have two beagles, Sadie and Katie. My favorite thing about them is how they always want to cuddle.

Tigger by Paige G.

This is my cat tigger. He likes to cuddle and sleep in many spaces such as in the towels and laptop cases.

Cleo the Queen of my Condo by Scott M.

Cleo the Queen of my Condo
Cleo is the best cat ever. She acts like a dog! She comes to greet you when you come home and she meows until you pick her up and give her hugs. You know when it's 6:30am, time to wake up because she meows for her breakfast. Whenever she is thirsty new water has to be put into the bowl because she tells us ! Then she has this cute swimming action she does with her front paws around the bowl. Every nite when the lights go off she joins me at the foot of the bed. She guards me throughout the night!

My pets by Allison S.

My pets
I grew up in Florida with tons of crazy pets. I have snakes, lizards, scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, a hedgehog, a bunny, a dog, and more. My family loves all our animals and people don't realize that even snakes, lizards, and insects can have different personalities. Even my different fish behave differently.

Pugsy by Ashlie R.

This picture is of my first ever pet pugsy. I got him when I was six after my pap passed away from ling cancer. He has always with most parts of my life. Until he left this world July 2021. This picture reminds of all fun little things we did together, and all the time he has comforted me with my fear of storms. As well as my anxiety. I loved everything about him from his cute teddy bear eyes to funny little under-bite.

Starlight by Sharisse M.

I have had my cat daughter for 6 years now, she has moved with me to three states and been my comfort when I'm sad. She lays in my bed next to me every night.

Duke The Yorkie by Courtney S.

Duke The Yorkie
This is my puppy Duke. He is a yorkie. I got him For Christmas a year ago. I love how attached to me he his, always needing to be by my side. When I get home he has so much energy he slides into the walls on the hard wood floor. He always wants to play and cuddle and be around people. I’m defiantly going to miss him when I go off to school.

Riley in under the tree bee by Jessica h.

Riley in under the tree bee
This is Riley and what I love about him is he is always making us laugh he is the most sweetest bundle of joy. He always tries to open the doors like he is a human. Maybe he was in his past life, but he is our everything he's a really great cat.

Everyone needs a Fat Cat! by Kayla C.

Everyone needs a Fat Cat!
I have cat and his name is Simba. Simba is a fat cat, he belly hangs a little and he gets annoyed when I play with his belly pouch. Simba likes to eat during the night, ESPECIALLY when I am trying to sleep! He likes to run and jump, but only when he feels like it. I believe everyone should have a fat cat, why you might ask? Well it is really funny to watch them groom themselves, so owning one gives you a constant boost of serotonin. They are also really good at identifying your emotions and can be really good l support animals in times of need. So if you are like me and can be sad for time to time, having a fat cat will make you feel better!

Lilian the Golfer by Kurtis K.

Lilian the Golfer
My parents own golf facilities and Lilian loves to go to work!

Charlie! by Maya B.

Charlie is a 1 year old Maltese and poodle mix. He is full of energy and makes my day every time I see him. He is a little weird especially when our musical clock plays and he sings to it. We love him so much and adds a little extra adventure into my life

Radar the Weimerainer by Rebecca C.

Radar the Weimerainer
Meet Radar! Shes named after the guy from the tv show M.A.S.H. She is obsessed with food and will do anything for a snack (including stealing food). She is cuddly, lovable, and ive had her since I was 12. Thank you!

Marty, Meg, and Molly by Emily L.

Marty, Meg, and Molly
I have three wonderful cats named Molly, Meg and Marty! I love them all for their different quirks, but they are all young and very energetic. Molly we got from a Ferrell cat colony and she has a tipped ear, and she also gives the best snuggles. Meg is my alarm clock every morning and greets me several times between 4-7 a.m. to wake me up. Marty is our biggest cat and he is probably the funniest and loves belly rubs.

Bailey by Gavin B.

Bailey is a chill dog, and she likes to eat grass. She's the woman you’d wanna vibe with on a crappy day.

Twixy by Amanda W.

When I was 5 years old my mom and I found two stray kittens in a parking lot. I named her Twixy, after a stuffed animal I had. She was a beautiful orange Tabby who we discovered with her sister, Shadow. I loved Twixy so much, she was my best friend. I got bullied a lot in school but I knew I could always count on Twixy to cheer me up when I got home. The two cats really were one of the biggest parts of the family. Unfortunately, in 2018, Twixy was diagnosed with cancer. Her medical bills would have cost thousands of dollars, but it was all worth it to me. I got a job in 2019 in order to save my best furry friend. It was a rough battle, but my mom was always by my side, driving me and my kitty everywhere we needed to go to help her. This went on for about a year and a half before her body couldn’t handle it anymore. Twix passed away in March of 2020. I will never forget her, my love for Twixy will forever be stored in my heart.

Monty the British Shorthair by Breanna K.

Monty the British Shorthair
When I went to choose the cat I was getting, Monty was the first and only kitten to crawl out of the litter, and sit on my lap, and ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. My favorite thing about my “furry friend” is his ability to always lighten the mood. Regardless, if I’m having a bad day, or I’m just feeling down, Monty will always make sure to comfort and be present.

Lilly by Emma M.

My dog Lilly in the bath

Trip by Michael S.

Outside of a lot of barking, I like him as my companion. He is also a great "snuggler."

The fluffy one by rahma m.

The fluffy one
The cats are my friends, I can tell them about my problems and the challenges that I faced without being afraid that they will judge me or ask some questions that may make me uncomfortable. One of my dreams is to have a gray with white cat and take care of here. Cats are not bats

Tambor by Rebecca A.

I have a bunny as a pet, his name is Tambor which means Drum in English. We always wanted a pet, but I really wanted a bunny, one month before I turned 18, I told my sister I wanted a bunny , she supported me, but my mother did not want to. That was the first and only time I went escape from home with my sister to buy the bunny. When we arrived home my mother was there and she was scared we were not there. When we opened a door we showed her the bunny and she did not want him. Now it has been 9 months and my mother loves Tambor. She treats it like a baby. We all love Tamborcito (little drum) maybe because he is fatty and adorable, also because he loves eating and sleeping all day. Now, it has its own house and it sleeps in our room.

Cinnamon by Benjamin M.

My dog cinnamon is a redbone coonhound who likes to greet people, go on hikes, and lay on the deck to soak up the sun.

Challenge 6 by Rachel H.

Challenge 6
I love how my dog Luna is a very energetic puppy who zooms around the house like a loon. I love how my bunny Flopsy loves to be the center of attention and also hops around the house.

My dogs by Abby S.

My dogs
These are my 2 dogs Ranger and Guinness. They’re both rescue dogs from Puppies and More Rescue. Ranger is on the left and Guinness is on the right.

Rubix! by Malak E.

according to, pets are supposed to reduce stress and help with anxiety. Now, these little ones may not be alive, but they have helped me through the years, shouldn't that mean I can count them as "pets"? whenever I have tests, moving countries, or even in the middle of a civil war, I find that fidgeting with them relaxes me. my collection slowly increased and I love how they get my mind off problems and help me focus on one thing. Thanks for meeting my friends :D

Zoey ... by Harrison K.

Zoey ...
Zoey was her name, the best dog ever who loved her home and her family. Zoey spent 8 years showing our family how to love a pet and make them part of our family. Zoey passed in March 2021, so it has been just a year and she is missed terribly by our whole family. So far our family has not got another dog, but we hope to soon.

Sleepy Mystic by Kayla T.

Sleepy Mystic
I love that my cat, Mystic, is affectionate. She loves to get pets from me and just generally rub her face on things. She loves to sleep and lay down wherever she can. She sleeps on my bed frame, my easter basket, and my bed. When she's not sleeping she's pretty active. Meowing, scratching, and pushing anything she can off my dresser. Even if it's frustrating, I still love her lots for how she stays close to me when I'm sad. Had her for so long and can't imagine parting with her, I love Mystic =)

Cat by Tyler N.

I don’t know why my cat has such an obsession with my shower.

Meet Dash by Autumn D.

Meet Dash
Dash is the oldest of my three pets! When he was a bit younger he would go out pheasant hunting with my dad. He's the sweetest dog I know and loves to cuddle! But he also enjoy’s rolling around in th mud.

Meet Billy! by JAy B.

Meet Billy!
This is Billy and he is my buddy! He is a 7-year-old Yorkie Poo who loves treats, zoomies, the park, and watching movies.

Love my pup! by Jason S.

Love my pup!
This is Reya! She is turning 9 and is a mastiff/newfie mix.
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