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Challenge 5: Who is your inspiration during quarantine?


My Band Friends by Kirsten B.

My Band Friends
My band friends

My Parents by Kirsten B.

My Parents
My parents

My Grandpa by Kirsten B.

My Grandpa
My Grandpa

Having a 2 y/o nephew by Maya B.

Having a 2 y/o nephew
Seeing the joy and happiness on my 2 y/o nephew's face gives me the lift I need to when the going gets tough during Covid quarantine.

My inspiration Family by Emily F.

My inspiration Family
My family always give me inspiration to carry on

My Dad by Allyson G.

My Dad
I would say that my hero throughout quarantine has been my Dad. My dad is a small business owner and my family has been fortunate because he has been able to continue to work all throughout quarantine. He is the hardest working man that I know. I have always looked up to him and always will.

My sister by Skylie F.

My sister
My sister always inspires me to keep going when it gets tough because she is always there when i need someone to vent to and lean on.

My classmates ❤️ by Bri M.

My classmates ❤️

My gym buddy ❤️ by Bri M.

My gym buddy ❤️

My softball team ❤️ by Bri M.

My softball team ❤️

My best friend ❤️ by Bri M.

My best friend ❤️

My family ❤️ by Bri M.

My family ❤️

My boyfriend and his cats by Savannah J.

My boyfriend and his cats
My boyfriend and his animals have made me happy throughout this quarantine. His cats get so excited when I come over. They love to see me and I love to see them

My youth pastor by Sarai T.

My youth pastor
All throughout this year, my youth pastor at my church, Pastor Kyle Fulks (Hope Community Church), has been a huge inspiration. As soon as quarantine began, he was quick to move on to virtual youth groups, creating extremely awesome Youtube live skits and interactive broadcasts to keep the youth involved during the separation. He also tried his best to rearrange the plans we had to accommodate COVID, allowing us to still have some youth events, just slightly revised. Even now, he has been able to bring us back into the church, with plenty of COVID precautions taken, allowing us all to meet again and continue as we used to. I am so thankful for his hard work, which has been a motivation for my fellow student leaders and myself to work just as hard to create a safe environment for all of us to still gather and grow together.

Quarantine inspirations by Candace S.

Quarantine inspirations
During quarantine it’s been really hard to reach out to people and get closer to people. Given the fact that we have to stay home 75%. About 4 months ago, this group was created and ever since they have gotten together. Life has literally been the best. I’ve become friends with the most amazing people in the world. Since I am an aspiring singer, the group has helped me become motivated in what I want to do in the future and I am nothing but grateful for them.

Workout partners are the key by Harris R.

Workout partners are the key
My workout partner motivates me to keep going. When it is cold or I am tired or stressed, I show up because they too.
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