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Challenge 5: What are you reading or listening to?


What I’m listening to! by Alyssa M.

What I’m listening to!
I love listening to true crime podcasts, and ironically I’m a criminal justice major, so it’s my favorite thing to try and figure out the case myself as I’m listening to it!

Cozy Mystery Books by Ava B.

Cozy Mystery Books
I love reading 'cozy mysteries' to escape from the buzz and bustle of everyday life. These books are short, quirky reads that oftentimes have funny titles and hobby, job, or pet-specific themes. They are sometimes predictable and a little corny, but they are always a good read!

Criminal Minds by Julianna L.

Criminal Minds
My favorite show to watch is. Criminal Minds. I have never been the person to watch shows hours at a time but that has changed since watching this show!

Rick & Morty by Rebecca A.

Rick & Morty
An animated show centered around a crazy, yet genius, old-man and his grandson, which he takes on his ridiculous inter-dimensional space travels. A drunk old man and his innocent grandson travel through time and space as they observe and disturb all races, species, and sexes. —gavin Johns The series follows the misadventures of alcoholic scientist Rick and his overly nervous grandson Morty, who split their time between domestic family life and intergalactic travel. Often finding themselves in a heap of trouble that more often than not created through their own actions, these two will get themselves out of trouble in the most entertaining way! This extremely clever show blows my mind as well as all other parallel realities of your mind!

grey's anatomy by Natalie R.

grey's anatomy
I have watch a ton of shows but currently my favorite is Grey's Anatomy.

The Simpsons by Benjamin M.

The Simpsons
Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the anxiety of life I like to relax and watch the Simpsons. I think that the show is fun and enjoyable to watch.

Spartan Discipline by Conner H.

Spartan Discipline
It’s a book about learning how the Spartans lived and learning what made them strong. It teaches you how to use the “Spartan Mindset” to improve your own life.

Favorite TV Show by Allison S.

Favorite TV Show
My favorite TV show that I continue to watch when I finally catch a break from school, practice, meetings and work is Heartland. There are over 15 seasons which adds some comfort knowing it won't be ending anytime soon. I have become attached to the characters and have watched their lives develop. I love watching at night and relaxing as I doze off. My latest stress you can see in the attached file, my team has been practicing like crazy and took 1st place at counties!!

Peace a day at a time by Rebecca H.

Peace a day at a time
It’s a book with a bunch of meditations and lessons to helps understand life and yourself so you can do better and see how amazing life can be .

Chop wood Carry water by Jack O.

Chop wood Carry water
It's a book about learning how to rise to our potential. I am looking forward to the days until I become a Spartan. I am excited to play for Coach Child's and Coach Whitcher!

My Soundtrack by Jay B.

My Soundtrack
Music is amazing! I often find myself choosing music to listen to based on my mood or what I need to prepare for at the moment. I listen to ALL types of music; rap, hip-hop, The Grateful Dead, country... ALL types. Lately, I have found myself listening to more country than anything. This might be due to my volleyball season getting ready to start. Last year's team had a playlist and, for some reason, we had a good amount of country on it. Listening to those songs brings great memories of our moments on the court. I have been to several country concerts as well. I know people are often quick to dismiss country music, but then again, people are quick to dismiss things they do not understand. I think we all should listen to as many types of music as we can; maybe we would understand each other better.

Basketball workouts by Julian R.

Basketball workouts
I watch a lot of basketball workouts on YouTube to distract myself from the craziness and to learn different move sets I can use while playing the game. I hope to tryout for the basketball team at York College if I get accepted and play for a winning team in the near future.

Down for whatever by Kadijatou T.

Down for whatever
It was a bell a girl who found out she has two sisters just buy them being on the news one day but her sisters were criminals and it was killing police officers but the reason why they was doing that is because their parents got killed by the police officers and it was frame for drugs but on the day they try to turn themselves in somebody called the police and they were surrounded by cops so so dumb they said they would never get justice so instead of going to jail they killed them selves

True Beauty by Aline A.

True Beauty
I am watching a K-drama called True beauty and it is very interesting especially because it talks about self confidence and appreciating yourself. Although it does show her masking her true self at the end she appreciates herself as she is and is fine showing her face but feels better with makeup on and that is fine a really good K-drama to watch honestly.

What I am reading! by Madaline L.

What I am reading!
Currently I am reading 1984 by George Orwell! It is, on its own, a crazy plot and world that the characters live in! It's been around for a while, but it is so good! Plot twist like no other book I have read before! I was originally for my British literature class, but now I really enjoy it and am so tempted to read beyond the assigned chapters! Though I am also rewatching 'The 100' on Netflix when I have free time :)!

Challenge 5 by Rachel H.

Challenge 5
To escape the craziness of the week I enjoy binging NCIS with my family. I also enjoy reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy.

Friends by Abigail S.

Friends is always my go to after a crazy week!

Le Compte de Monte Cristo by Avia W.

Le Compte de Monte Cristo
I am reading one of the classics, but this time in French!! I am currently taking AP French, so I wanted to challenge myself! :)

Manifest by Courtney S.

When I get home from a crazy day I watch manifest on Netflix. It is so good, 10/10 recommend!!

The Crown by Merwa Z.

The Crown
This winter break, I started watching the first season of The Crown on Netflix and since then, I have been finding the time to watching the remaining series every opportunity I get. My special interest in history and how monarchies work has made me deeply enjoy the series. It starts from the time when after her father's death, the crown of the British monarchy landed on Queen Elizabeth's head. The series is loosely based on the events that occurred in the world and British history since then. I have found watching the show and then reading more about the real life events every episode refers to truly interesting.

Netflix by Dominick W.

When I escape from the crazy week I have been spending time watching space shows because they are very interesting. I also watch horror shows and action thrillers.

Spare Time Hobbies by Kiersten M.

Spare Time Hobbies
Currently, I have been listening to the true crime podcasts. They really keep me on the edge of my seat, and I love finding out how the investigators caught the perpetrator. I also have been watching Greys Anatomy on Nerflix. On the weekends, I always stay up late to watch the UFC fights. They are ALWAYS super intense.

The Much Needed Weekend by Sophia M.

The Much Needed Weekend
The weekend is my favorite time to lay in bed with a blanket, my cat, and watch Chicago Med!

Gilmore Girls by Gabriella O.

Gilmore Girls
I like to watch Gilmore Girls on the weekends to decompress.

Euphoria by Delilah B.

Everyone’s been watching euphoria and now i understand why. i bing watched it in 2 days

Broadway by Paige G.

I am listening to Broadway musicals to escape every day life. It reminds me that every story has a beginning

YouTube and Disney by Allison S.

YouTube and Disney
My days are always long and I usually don't get many breaks. I love to come home and get a nice hot shower, cozy up in pjs and put on some scary stories on YouTube or a Disney movie on Disney Plus.

music to escape the week! by bryan r.

music to escape the week!
normally, i listen to a variety of music, but lately, i’ve been listening for about a lot of the garden. they’re so unique and they also help me with my bass playing! i learned a few of their songs on bass already. :) they also help me with writing because of their psychedelic like writing! so as a result, the garden has been one of my main lessons lately!

Morbid: A true crime podcast by Courtney L.

Morbid: A true crime podcast
This podcast is about different true crimes, which they go in detail about all types.

A Whole Host of Media by Emily L.

A Whole Host of Media
Currently I am reading, listening to, and watching a whole bunch of different things. Book wise, I am finishing up Anna Karenina which has taken me at least 8 months to get as far as I am. I have also started Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile in anticipation for the movie. Not to mention we are reading Paradise Lost for my English class. I am listening to a podcast right now called the Holy Post. It is a Christian podcast about current events run by Phil Visher, the creator of VeggieTales. I find it fascinating because it is super counter-cultural, engaging, and fun! Lastly, as far as shows go, I am going through the Good Place right now (which is super interesting compared to Paradise Lost), Psych, and Monk. I'm kind of a sucker for comedic detective shows. I highly recommend pretty much all of these things, but the Tolstoy and Milton are not exactly what you would call light reading.

TV show by Liliana A.

TV show
I'm currently watching, selling Tampa. Its a realtor state show with high priced houses so they sell expensive house to people with money. It's interesting to see other people's point of view

Sources by MarcAnthony V.

I have been consuming the information from these various sources. I find these sources quite interesting, also I’m learning from them as well. First is Personalities and its Transformations by Dr. Jordan B Peterson. Second is CS50 by David J. Malan. Third is Bus-123 Introduction into Investments by Frank Paiano. Lastly, well you can see the cover of the book. Quick note: if you’re interested in Dr. Jordan B Peterson’s work, I recommend you watch a video called redefining reality.
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