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Challenge 4: New Year; New You!


New year new me by Alyssa M.

New year new me
During this year I mostly just started to really work on myself and my personal growth. I learned a lot about me and I enjoy the personal journey I’m on. I also learned how to braid hair!!! I’m getting more into hair and cosmetics

The Art of Mindfulness by Ava B.

The Art of Mindfulness
I love using apps like Headspace to practice mindfulness and regain my center throughout the day. Oftentimes in our society mental health is not prioritized as much as it should be, so I try and remember to practice self-care and clear my mind when I am stressed.

Volleyball by Benjamin M.

To stay active in my life I am playing club volleyball because it helps me stay physically active and it's also something I enjoy playing all the time.

Challenge 4 by Rachel H.

Challenge 4
Spending valuable time with my family helps me to stay mentally clear and enhance my life. I love to play board games with my family a few of my favorites being 7 Wonders, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, and Caverna.

What I do to relax and stay physical by Skyler G.

What I do to relax and stay physical
What I like to do to relax and keep me mentally on point is reading a novel a month to keep my mind growing and to allow for some alone time with me.Physically I love to ride horses and train my body with excercise to become a better rider.

Workout by Liliana A.

I have enrolled in a workout program with a diet to reach the goals I'm aiming for. Working out helps relieve stress and make you feel good and helps you gain more energy. I am enjoying this new me for this new year and I can't wait to see the final outcome of my sacrifice 🙂

Cheerleading by Allison S.

To stay active mentally and physically I participate in winter and fall cheerleading at my highschool. We compete and cheer at games so it's the best of both worlds. I love my team and they provide such a great support system. We've been through so much together and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. We've been injured and healthy together and have pushed through thick and thin. I cant wait to finish this last season with all of them but I will certainly be sad when its over.

Challenge 4: Volleyball is my passion by Jay B.

Challenge 4: Volleyball is my passion
My name is Jay Brenner and I have been accepted to attend YCP beginning the Fall of 2022 in the Sport Management program. To keep both mentally and physically active in the winter months, I play club volleyball with some of my high school teammates, as well as some players from other high school teams. We practice several times a week and have tournaments most weekends the months of December, January, and February. Not only does playing club ball keep up my physical strength for the upcoming season, but it also can be my way to unwind from everything else. For me, playing volleyball encourages both physical and mental strength and endurance. It also helps me to continue my love of everything sports-related in my off-season. I am hoping to continue this activity by playing club volleyball at York College next year.

Gym and journal! by Madaline L.

Gym and journal!
My sister and I go to Etown fitness club whenever we can! We lift weights and do incline walking, so that covers the physical! As for mental the picture given is an example I like to journal and use scraps of paper and stickers stamps etc. to make a collage! It’s super fun, creative, and satisfying enough to wind down!

Challenge #4 by Tasnia P.

Challenge #4
To stay mentally and physically active, I usually take some time off from school work and applications to go cycling or bake yummy treats.

Cheer by Marissa M.

I am spending my last couple months having the best time cheering with my cheer family. Also, making the best memories.

Tate Family by Cole T.

Tate Family
This is a picture of me and my siblings, recreating a child-hood photo to gift to my mom for Christmas. Something that enhances my life is spending time with my big family, and enjoying the incredible moments spent together.

Mac & crystals by Delilah B.

Mac & crystals
Lately I’ve been almost solely listening to Mac Miller and paying more attention to my metaphysical side to help me focus on the positives in life. They make me feel through the moon

Firefighting by Julianna L.

I enjoy training and practicing my skills to stay in shape and efficient. By continuing to learn it will help me rely back on my training in case of an emergency. Doing these skills also allows me to stay in physical shape which will allow me to do the job for longer.

Playing Soccer by Tyler N.

Playing Soccer
Me and my best friend after scoring an important goal in High School Soccer.

Challenge York by Courtney S.

Challenge York
I have been going to the gym every day and now go to therapy every 2 weeks, I have deleted social media and I’m journaling everyday

The gym by Dom W.

The gym
My girlfriend and I have been working out in the gym together and it’s really helped us become more active

The den by MarcAnthony V.

The den
My home gym.

Staying Active by Abigail S.

Staying Active
To stay active I am playing field hockey all year round and going to the gym.

Ice Skating by Elise B.

Ice Skating
Something I’ve struggled with was staying consistent with working out, because it was doing the same things every day. But with ice skating I’ve also found that as well as keeping me active it gives me a sense of peace with everything going on in life

Fishing and Cheerleading by Allison S.

Fishing and Cheerleading
I grew up in Florida where I went fishing every single day. I live in Maryland now but still return home every summer to revisit my old passions. Fishing is definitely a workout for your mind and body, your arms and shoulders are incredibly sire by the end of the night and you gave to train your mind to be patient for when you aren't getting any bites. Swimming is another passion of mine. The waters in Florida are beautiful but definitely have their dangers: sharks, jellyfish, alligators, crocodiles, etc. I've seen them all and they aren't all that scary once you realize you're in their home when you're swimming and they really aren't there to harm you. I love running and have been in many races including color me rad and the zombie 5k. Currently I am a cheerleader at my highschool which keeps me in amazing shape along with the tumbling lessons o take on the side. Mentally cheerleading allows me to become a part of a family that holds trust in eachother and sees eacother 6 days a week 2 hours a day. Nothing bonds you more than throwing people and conditioning at 6am every Saturday morning when all you want to do is sleep.

staying active (sorta) by Emily L.

 staying active (sorta)
Well I don't have a gym membership and my cross country season has ended, I will often go on long walks (4-5 miles) with my neighbor a few doors down. It mostly is good for clearing my head mentally because we use that time as a space to talk about what's on our minds and discuss our lives, families, problems, and ideas we are having. I get very busy in the winter and early spring with musical season, so it is nice to have a space to clear my head.

Working my way back by Hailey B.

Working my way back
I’ve been working out a lot to help my mental health. Here’s a handstand I’m now able to do, working on handstand push-ups soon!

Wrestling is a great way to stay active by Conner H.

Wrestling is a great way to stay active
I’ve been wrestling for the past 12 years. It is a great way to stay in shape because it keeps you active with a good diet. Even though I am constantly battling injuries, this is my favorite sport, and it has helped me stay happy and healthy.

First place at cheer comp by Arianna S.

First place at cheer comp
I have been doing cheerleading for 10+ years now. I made the varsity and competition team my freshman year and still do it to this day. I do one based stunts as if I were on a coed team and was doing what the males do. It’s very intresting. Cheer helps me clear my mind after school and just do something I love. We made states once and made 12th place in nationals.

Planet Fitness by Harvey D.

Planet Fitness
I got a gym membership to bring in the new year!
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