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Challenge 4: Build Your YCP Snowman


Impressive by Kirsten B.

Jared does a flip on his skateboard to impress his Microeconomics class crush, Melissa. She waves at him!!

A Cute Surprise by Kirsten B.

A Cute Surprise
Bryce goes to surprise his date with an early Christmas gift and hot chocolate before leaving for Winter Break!

Steve´s Jams by Kirsten B.

Steve´s Jams
Steve jams to music on his way to Calculus! He is getting pumped for the big exam!

The Gift Exchange by Kirsten B.

The Gift Exchange
Mr. Snow travels to Rudolph´s holiday party. He brings a gift for the gift exchange later! (It´s a giftcard to the YCP Bookstore!)

Search for Ralph´s Sunglasses by Kirsten B.

Search for Ralph´s Sunglasses
Ralph worries as he frantically searches for his sunglasses in his backpack on his way to class. He can´t seem to find them!

Happy Winter by Manas K.

Happy Winter
For children the most favourite part of winter is making snowman. They put in a lot of hard-work and use their creative ideas to make it better every time. They put in their time and energy to build one and when it is ready the feeling of joy works as motivation. I named my snowman Harry and the little one Robin. I too built many snowmen when i was small, but never missed an opportunity to build one again with my little cousins. It may sound childish, but I enjoy making it in present too! It's a great activity for one who wants to have fun with their family or cousins. Enjoyment doesn't see age and leaves a smile on every face. Moral: Fun has no age limit.

Hippie Holidays by Devin F.

Hippie Holidays
Just a couple of snowmen chillin' out having a good time.

Snowman at York by Brianna M.

Snowman at York

Catch Air at York by William R.

Catch Air at York
Meet Snowny Yowk. The world famous skateboarding snowman. Ever since Snowny transferred from NYC to York, PA he has been catching major air and reaching new heights at York College of PA. Help him spread some holiday cheer this year!

First Snow Day on Campus! by Briana L.

First Snow Day on Campus!
Holly, Jolly, and John love winter more than any other season. They come from California, and they’ve always dreamed of playing in the snow. After coming to YCP, they get to enjoy their first snow on campus.

Sleepy Morning by Megan S.

Sleepy Morning
Frankie the snowman has trouble waking up in the mornings, so he always makes sure he sips on his caramel latte before his 8am class. Throughout the day he will skateboard to his classes, library, and dining hall. He is majoring in early elementary education in hopes of becoming a teacher once he graduates. In the evening, he enjoys going out with his friends to different restaurants.

York Snowman Student by Lindsey S.

York Snowman Student
My York snowman is anxiously waiting for students to get back on campus, and to welcome the incoming freshman this summer (like myself)!!

Benson's First Winter at York! by Grace C.

Benson's First Winter at York!
After years of contemplating what Benson wanted to be as a snowman, he finally decided on attending nursing school at York College. There, he met many other snowmen and snow women who he grew to love and form close friendships. Benson loved the all-you-can-eat meal plan and the campus's Starbucks the most :)

Holidaze 2020 by Elizabeth H.

Holidaze 2020
On Jimmy's walk to class one day, he accepted a carrot from a fellow professor. It just looked like an ordinary carrot so he ate it. However, the next morning, he woke up as a snowman and has never lived the same since.

The York Man by Taylor R.

The York Man
This is the story of York man. He was created by magic in the name of York College. There was so much love for York that one snowy day York man appeared next to the fountain to share the joy and love that everyone has for York college. He visited all the students and waved his flags all around campus to encourage all students to share the love that he has for the York College of Pennsylvania. But just as fast as he came he was suddenly gone but all the students still show the love that he had by showing their support for their college every day. Legend has it that if it snows enough one day and students from all around campus gather together to make him again, he will appear and continue sharing his cheer and love for all things York.

Snowman Persona by Jenna S.

Snowman Persona
Clayman Ro, my snowman persona! A biology (ecology/conservation) student at York, wanting to wish you a good holiday season!

The York College Snowman by Kaylee A.

The York College Snowman
My snowman's name is Bob. Bob was a very successful high school student and he was beginning to apply for colleges. Bob found York College and was amazed by their academics!! He applied immediately not even knowing what he wanted to go for! Bob waited patiently to hear something back and finally he did, he was accepted!! As soon as Bob heard this great news he went to the school bookstore and bought some gear and a coffee which was weird because he is a snowman. Bob can not wait until the fall to begin his classes at York College, as long as it stays cold enough!
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