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Challenge 3: Hometown Highlight


My hometown! by Alyssa M.

My hometown!
I live in a very small town in Warren county New Jersey! I’m about 2 hours away from York. This is a picture of me and my friend at a lake in our town we love to go kayaking at during the summer!

Hiking in Virginia by Ava B.

Hiking in Virginia
I live in Alexandria, Virginia and love to go on hikes around the beautiful D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area! This waterfall photo is from one of my favorite hiking spots in Virginia, and I hope to meet other semi-outdoorsy people like me at YCP :)

Home by Benjamin M.

I will definitely miss my family and my home when I attend York this upcoming Fall however my family will only be an hour and a half away from me.

Born and Raised by Jay B.

Born and Raised
I was born and raised in York, PA and I am very excited to be attending college in my hometown. When I looked at colleges for my major, the program at York had more expertise and experience than any of the others. Since I am going to school here, I will not miss much about my home, but I will miss my close friends as they go to other schools. I look forward to visiting them and experiencing their new locations. There is a lot to enjoy in York. I would encourage all students who are from out of town to explore some of our hiking trails, great restaurants downtown, and even our amazing ice cream shops!

Challenge 3 by Rachel H.

Challenge 3
I'm from Lebanon PA, what I will miss most is my family including my pets.

home by Julianna L.

I am from Carroll County, MD. I will miss my friends, family, and dogs.

Family by Allison S.

If I go to York I will be living on campus which means I won't be able to come home to my family, friends, and dog every day. I will miss my room and my highschool. I'll miss my old team and all put fun times in practice. I'll miss my job and my boss whom I've been able to bond with and become close to. Over all I will miss alot about home but I'm ready to take on college.

The People I Will Miss The Most by Conner H.

The People I Will Miss The Most
Since wrestling takes up most of my time, I have grown close to all of my teammates. When I more to campus in the Fall, I will have to leave my friends, my family, and my teammates behind.

Ringwood, New Jersey by Natalie R.

Ringwood, New Jersey
I’m from a little town in new jersey, about 3 hours from York. When I’m at York I will miss my dog and definitely Taylor ham, egg and cheese.

What I will miss the most! by Madaline L.

What I will miss the most!
I am a local! I live roughly 25-40 minutes away from campus! I will mis my twin sister the most when I come to campus but will also be excited to have a new start! My family and I live in the Maytown area of PA, and we love to go down to River Front Park to fish or even take a bike ride when it is nice! My high school for some reason made it a tradition to go to Sheetz after football games where people get food, or just talk to one another while we wait for the football team to arrive!

What I will miss by James B.

What I will miss
If I attend York College I will miss my dog Georgia. She is a one and a half year old Golden Retriever. She is very friendly & loves to play ball & go on walks. What she absolutely hates is car rides as she gets car sick. I currently live on Long Island. For those that don't know, that's a 5 hour drive from York College. So, unfortunately I will only get to see her when I go home. It will be an adjustment for both of us not to see each other every day. We both will be excited to see each other during breaks.

Where My Heart Is by Makeya D.

Where My Heart Is
My name’s Makeya and I’m coming from Maryland. What I’ll miss the most when I come to York College is seeing my family daily, my dog, and my grandmothers home cooked meals!

Where I come from by Day'Avian M.

Where I come from
I've lived my whole life in Connecticut, Hartford to be specific. When I go off to college the things I'll miss will be going to the Buckland Hill mall with my friends, where we would walk around talking about anything and going to our favorite places to get something to eat or drink. I'm also going to miss going downtown to Bushnell park where I got to see plays or go to the ice rink with my younger siblings and cousins.

Bagels 🥯 by Mikaela W.

Bagels 🥯
I am from New Jersey. I will definitely miss the bagels. They are not lying when they say Jersey bagels are the best. My favorite has to be either a everything or just plain.

Home by Joslyn H.

I am from a small town in New York called Marathon, three hours and forty-eight minutes away from York. Being from a small town there isn't much to choose from to miss, but walking to school the other day, the smell of pancakes reminded exactly what the that was. Reilly's Café is our little hometown diner that I am going to miss greatly while off at college, especially their famous chicken tenders.

Where I Consider Home by Maryanne I.

Where I Consider Home
I was born in Nigeria and moved to Baltimore Maryland when I was 9 years old. I consider Baltimore my home because I grew up here and have grown to love the scenery, I am comfortable and feel at ease here. It is easy to make friends and once I did, I was considered family. A place I love here in Baltimore is the white marsh mall because everything and everyone is there.

Home if Where the Heart Is by Michael D.

Home if Where the Heart Is
I am coming from West Chester, Pennsylvania. My favorite places to hang out is with my friends either playing soccer or headed up to Blue or Bear mountain to snowboard in the winter. I will probably miss WAWA being right around the corner and my mom doing my laundry the most!

Home is where the heart is by Ngo mbock II H.

Home is where the heart is
Home is where the heart is ,which is very true.I come from Cameroon a place feel connected to emotional and culture.some where I have fond memories of being near my family and loved ones. I miss my Africa food and our culturalweeks.My neighborhood is where I grow up my friends and family will be miss by me.Home is certainly where my heart is we all agreed as a family sit down together for Christmas fire singing and dancing.Telling fun time stories .

I am coming from Cherry Hill New Jersey by Abigail S.

I am coming from Cherry Hill New Jersey
I think I will miss my favorite sushi place and my favorite ice cream shop. Both places have had fun times with friends and family. A lot of memories over the past few years have been made there. I am really excited to find my new favorite spots at York!

My family by Dominick W.

My family
I will most definitely miss my family because they have been so loving and supportive towards me throughout my entire life. Especially being the baby of the family you really rely on your family to lead you in the right direction.

Missing home by Deborah M.

Missing home
I come from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, specifically southwest of Philadelphia. Though it is not to far from York, I still won’t be able to travel back and forth a lot. Therefore the thing I will miss the most are my closest friends and my own room. Even though I’m sure I will be able to make friends on campus it can never replace the friends from back home. Also I like the idea of having a roommate and building a relationship with them but it would be nice to have some privacy and my own space. In all it would be great to go to your but I will be missing home.

Cheerleading by Marissa M.

What I will miss most is under the Friday night lights cheer on my favorite team. I will also miss cheerleading on the courts. I am excited to meet my new family at York.

"A Migration East" Emily Lichius by Emily L.

"A Migration East" Emily Lichius
Hello! My name is Emily and I am from Western PA. To be more specific, I live in Beaver Falls, PA, about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. I'll be honest and let you know that it is not the most interesting place on earth to live. Besides my family, what I'll probably miss the most is the city of Pittsburgh. I really love that it feels like one big neighborhood. It's very laid back there and there is something very home-like and welcoming about the strip district and station square. Christmas in the city is also very nice because they have an ice skating rink in the middle of downtown and a giant Christmas tree. Honestly, to me Pittsburgh feels like Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood with some really dedicated sports fans tacked on (and yes, I am one of them). I will be so excited to go and visit it when I'm on break!

Me by Evalyn F.

I’m not from Pennsylvania I live in Delaware but my favorite places to hang out is at the preschool at school and the skating rink

About me by Amaya A.

About me
The thing I’ll miss the most is being so close to my friends and seeing them everyday. Yes I am local in a way my dad lives in Hanover and I live in Baltimore. My favorite place to hang out is chick-fil-a .

YCP challenge 3 by Paige G.

YCP challenge 3
I am not local. I am from Northern Virginia. When I go to YCP I will really miss my friends since none of them are applying here.

Hometown by Ryan R.

I am from York! My favorite thing about the area is Central Market! The food is delicious.
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