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Challenge 2: Fallfest Fun!


Fall favorites by Alyssa M.

Fall favorites
Here’s a picture of my favorite dog in the fall time, I love taking him outside when the leaves are falling!

My favorite thing about Fall by Michael S.

My favorite thing about Fall
All the pies after the Thanksgiving dinner, like this coconut custard!!!

Volunteering by Ava B.

Though my glasses fog with masks, I love to volunteer at a local park in my community during the chilly fall season. It is always nice to give back to my community and doing it during the beauty of autumn is so fun!

Turkey Bowl by Benjamin M.

Turkey Bowl
My favorite part of this season is Thanksgiving because my high school always holds it's annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl (Football game).

Upstate New York by Harrison K.

Upstate New York
I love to go upstate NY to our cabin in the fall and ride quads.

Are you read for some FOOTBALL? by Jay B.

Are you read for some FOOTBALL?
No doubt - my favorite part about fall is FOOTBALL! Whether I am throwing the ball in the backyard, watching my high school friends under the Friday night lights, or going to Ravens games - fall is for FOOTBALL!

Challenge 2 by Rachel H.

Challenge 2
My favorite parts of fall are the beautiful fall foliage and carving pumpkins with my family.

fall by Julianna L.

In the fall I like to continue playing with my team

The Start of My Favorite Season by Conner H.

The Start of My Favorite Season
The part of Fall I love the most is when it leads into the start of wrestling season.

S’mores Galore! by Makeya D.

S’mores Galore!
My favorite part about this time of year is making s’mores and seeing the different colored leaves !

Fallfest Frenzy by Day'Avian M.

Fallfest Frenzy
During Fall I like sitting around the table with my family either talking or sitting in my room with a comfy blanket wrapped around, while I'm reading a good book and listening to music.

Fall by Danielle O.

I love the pretty weather

Sugar, Pumpkin Spice, and Everything Nice by Amani M.

Sugar, Pumpkin Spice, and Everything Nice
The best part of fall and Thanksgiving is creating delicious desserts all season long with my family. Happy Thanksgiving :)

The scenery by Avonna E.

The scenery
i love the way the leaves on the trees look especially when the sun sets and rises

What I love about fall! by Madaline L.

What I love about fall!
My most favorite part about fall has to be all of the pumpkin and pumpkin spice! I’m a sucker for all things flavored with pumpkin and cinnamon! I also love the colors of the leaves during fall! I guess it’s just my favorite season of them all!

Mo’ Makeup Please by Alicia M.

Mo’ Makeup Please
Fall is filled to the brim with beautiful scenery and warm feelings of comfort. As a makeup artist, I find solace in creating beautiful makeup looks, specially the classic warm smokey eye paired with a matte nude lip. Pumpkin spice lattes? We don’t know her. Pumpkin spice-inspired eyeshadow? Yes!

Family Cheer by Kayla H.

Family Cheer
My favorite time of year is when everyone is sitting in the living room and looking at all the decorations to put on the tree. When everyone is eating pumpkin pie and watching football. The best part of all is hanging out and enjoy the time while decorating for Christmas and all the laughter.

Fall Desserts by Grace P.

Fall Desserts
I love making and eating seasonal desserts. Pumpkin spice lattes to apple pies.

Pumpkin spice by Mikaela W.

Pumpkin spice
The phrase “pumpkin spice and everything nice” is what I would describe my fall days to be. I am a true sucker for anything pumpkin flavor. So whenever fall rolls around I have to go to my local store and get my hands on any and all limited edition pumpkin foods. I have tried from pumpkin spice oreos to pumpkin spice cheerios you name it I have tried it. I do not however recommend the pumpkin spice ice coffee if you are not a coffee lover like me.

Warmth by Maryanne I.

When it is cold outside, I like to make some hot chocolate and cozy up with my blanket to watch Netflix. Drinking the hot chocolate is refreshing and makes my body warm.

Breathe by Maryanne I.

Taking a walk and enjoying the scenery is enjoyable and comfortable. While walking, every stressful thing tends to be forgotten. I can take a breather and the view is all my brain is can take in.

Challenge 2 Fall Fest Frenzy by Haden M.

Challenge 2 Fall Fest Frenzy
My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather. I like wearing sweats because they're comfy and easy. There's nothing better than being outside in the crisp air wearing my favorite sweatshirt.

Fall by Natalie R.

Above is a beautiful picture of my town during the fall. I love fall and just watching the scenery change.

Fall by Brayden G.

My favorite time of year is Fall. I love to help my mom gather the Halloween decorations and scatter them throughout the house and outside too. She gets so excited, as this is her favorite holiday. Once Halloween is over, I love the next event of all of my family gathering together for Thanksgiving. Sometimes we stay home and host dinner. Sometimes we go up to Massachusetts to spend time with other family. Last year, just my family enjoyed Thanksgiving at our beach condo. The next and probably my favorite holiday to prepare for in the Fall is Christmas. Once again, I will help my mom decorate both inside and out. Along with my brothers and dad, we will help, at least with a few ornaments, and get our tree up. Christmas on the Gregory side includes gifts and games and the best...our Hunt. My grandfather will give each family member clues and the final clue leads us to money. It's always so much fun running around his house, tearing it apart, looking for your next clue. So Fall encompasses a few fun activities that I have enjoyed since I was a young child and of course, leads us right to Jolly Ole St Nick.

A Brighter Time by Bailey L.

A Brighter Time
Fall is time to cuddle up with the people we love the most. It's time to reflect on things we are going to do for the rest of the year. For us seniors it's time to start the applications and get ready to walk across the stage. My Favorite thing about fall besides all the stress is watching the leaves change color.

Something about the air... by Alison H.

Something about the air...
Horror movies are the way to go when the weather become cold and gloomy. As the leaves change, I change into my comfiest pajamas and relax with a horror movie. My all-time favorites are Scream, It: Chapter 2, and Ready or Not. Though I watch horror movies year round, there's something about the fall air that makes the movies that much scarier.

That Fall Feeling by Nolan S.

That Fall Feeling
My favorite part about this time of year is honestly the ambience. Everything just has that “cozy” vibe to it. The flannels, the coffee, the blankets. It’s all just so comforting and relaxing. I’m a big coffee drinker, so pumpkin spiced lattes are something that I love to get during the season. I love the sweaters that I’m finally able to wear too and the weather is just right, as it’s not too cold or too hot. Everything about fall gets me excited for it each year.

Picking up Leaves by Day'Avian M.

Picking up Leaves
My favorite part of Fall is me, my siblings, and cousin picking up leaves in our backyard because we joke around and find a way to have fun with a chore that was given to us by our parents. This is my favorite part of fall since it is our way of bonding and strengthening our relationship we all have with each other.

Favorite thing about fall by Holly W.

Favorite thing about fall
I love the colder weather because I love wearing sweaters and Halloween is my favorite holiday so I love seeing all the fall and Halloween decorations.

Pumpkin Picking with My Second Family by Delilah B.

Pumpkin Picking with My Second Family
Each year, I go pumpkin picking with my mom and second family. It’s made up of my best friend and her mom, dad, brother, 3 sisters, and each of their boyfriends. We pick out pumpkin for later carving or painting and we all take pictures. We all get together before we leave for a family picture with all of us and our pumpkins. It brightens my day every time.

Fall by Willow W.

I love when it’s fall and i can wear warmer clothes like sweatpants, sweatshirts, jeans, and flannels. My favorite outfit is my jeans, sweatshirt, and a flannel.

Camp by Emmaleigh C.

My favorite part of fall is getting to start the planning process for the weekend camps I volunteer at. All the counselors get together once a month to plan everything from meals to speeches to games. This year is particularly exciting because I am the co-leader for the middle retreat. I love seeing everyone so happy and ready to plan an exciting weekend for the campers!

Why I Love Fall by Lillian W.

Why I Love Fall
My favorite part of fall is all of the fun opportunities I have to spend time with my friends. Whether it’s a haunted house or a pumpkin patch, we love to enjoy the cool weather and pretty scenery together. We take lots of pictures and spend as much time as possible together.

Family by Raenaya K.

We normally take a trip right before school starts and my family just have a good time together, laughs over family dinner and my birth day is a little farther into fall in October. It just a time for celebration for me because my grandfather's and my cousin's birthdays are also in October too.

The weather by Dominick W.

The weather
I love the change in weather, I personally enjoy the cold because it’s refreshing and the breeze is very nice, I also like the change with the leaves and I also like that daylight savings time is over so I get to sleep in.

Favorite thing about fall by Abigail S.

Favorite thing about fall
My favorite tradition about fall happens on Thanksgiving. After dinner, we all go downstairs and watch the Polar Express. At the hot chocolate scene, my dad runs down hot chocolate so that we're drinking it along with the movie characters. It's my favorite tradition because it is the start of Christmas in my house - we don't even get to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving!

Playoffs by Holden B.

Soccer playoff season.

My favorite things about this Fall! by Kayla C.

My favorite things about this Fall!
This year Fall has been more chillier than what I anticipated! However, it’s easy for me to say that my favorite thing about this year’s weather is the comfy sweaters and festive treats. Whether that’s the coffee from Starbucks, or the oversized shirts and leggings. For me I have always enjoyed the fashion and the taste of Fall!

Fall Favorites by Kiana M.

Fall Favorites
My favorite thing about fall is Thanksgiving. Even though I always eat too much, the food is just so good! I also enjoy carving pumpkins even though i am not very artistic. I’m not a fan of this weather though. Usually its nice outside. Not too hot, not too cold, its perfect. So I don’ believe we are in fall right now. We jumped right in to winter!

Being with friends enjoying the weather and eating lots of pizza by Seila C.

Being with friends enjoying the weather and eating lots of pizza
Every fall season my friends and I from mosque go and rake leaves and walk around to look at the colors on the trees. We love just seeing the fall animals out as well. We even buy pumpkins to carve even if it’s pretty hard to do. The weather is the perfect temperature for just walking around in nature and having a fun time with friends. But of course we love eating together as a youth group like in the picture :)

Leaf Color Change by Jason D.

Leaf Color Change
I love driving and hiking through the mountains when all the trees start to change color. It's my favorite!
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