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Challenge 17: I Spy Something Green!


Marvin <3 by Olivia B.

Marvin <3
I met Marvin in Alaska. He was roaming my campsite, he didn't even have a tag. My friend named him!

Bushkill Falls by Allyson G.

Bushkill Falls
Took a trip in the beginning of August to Bushkill Falls in Bushkill PA.

Haikyu picnic by Ella W.

Haikyu picnic
My friends and I had a themed picnic and brought foods based off of the anime characters we selected.

Green trees! by Caitlin S.

Green trees!
I recently visited my aunt and uncle in New Bern, North Carolina. New Bern is a beautiful little town with lots of nature and bay marina scenery. This picture is of me, my dad, my aunt and uncle walking through the little town with some of the nature scenery behind us!

Monarch Butterfly by Alexis D.

Monarch Butterfly
Photo of a monarch butterfly where I work in East Haddam, CT!

Jones Mill Run Dam by Reagan M.

Jones Mill Run Dam
Picture from one of my favorite hiking trails at Laurel Hill State Park.

Jones Mill Run Dam by Reagan M.

Jones Mill Run Dam
Picture from one of my favorite hiking trails at Laurel Hill State Park.

Certificate of acceptation by Lianne B.

Certificate of acceptation
It is a paper written in the form of certification.

Class of 2021 Celebration Cake by Nevin F.

Class of 2021 Celebration Cake
To celebrate graduation, a cake was made involving the colors of my previous high school and York College! The blending of the colors is meant to represent the transition of one journey to another. From Day One, I’ll have many sweet memories!

Latest Green by Alaina C.

Latest Green
Even though green is my favorite color, the latest one I have is a picture from last week. This is the waterfall from a hike I went on with my friend! Very beautiful trail. Hoping for good hikes at York to show her when she visits.

Lacrosse picture by Hugo S.

Lacrosse picture
When I watched the conference championship game

Among The Grass by Elizabeth T.

Among The Grass
The last photo of mine that has green in it is this adorable photograph that my close friend got of this stray cat at a park. He looks like he’s hunting for some food.

Mountain top by Sarai T.

Mountain top
I took this at the top of a mountain I just hiked, an absolutely beautiful view.

York Letter by Madison F.

York Letter
As a grad gift my friend made me a York letter

Plant at work by Lisabeth C.

Plant at work
Here is a very special plant that was a gift brought to me at work by my husband and my job walls are green 😀

Fan Art by Mackenzie Q.

Fan Art
I was sharing fan art for a podcast with one of my best friends.

Lake Date by Jenna H.

Lake Date
Went to Columbia, PA with my boyfriend to have a little deli date near the river!

Tropical Birds by Jenna H.

Tropical Birds
Went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA this summer and got to have exotic birds land on me!

Smashed Parmesan Brussel Sprouts by Jenna H.

Smashed Parmesan Brussel Sprouts
Brussel sprouts are underrated

Owl by Matthew S.

Owl in the tree.

Signing Day by Dominic B.

Signing Day
In the picture I am wearing my dark green York College sweatshirt at the Baltimore Celtic signing day.

“Mint” green picture challenge by Emma H.

“Mint” green picture challenge
Mint green

Green shirt by Olin B.

Green shirt
This was the most recent photo in my gallery with green in it. It’s of my girlfriend and I, heading on a road trip.

Good Morning Plants by Kaitlin D.

Good Morning Plants
Bedroom plants are the first ones I see in the morning 💚

Grey Crowned Crane by Kaitlin D.

Grey Crowned Crane
Raptor Center Charlotte, NC has this pair of grey crowned cranes and they are HUGE!

Soccer Game by Valeria S.

Soccer Game
*Thumbs Up*

Hakuna Matata by Marlainia K.

Hakuna Matata
My dog Ivan and I, enjoying time outside

Vacation by Devin F.

me and my homie

Went on a local hike! by Steve H.

Went on a local hike!
A beautiful shot from a park, in my hometown!
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